Friday, March 12, 2010

Transforming a Skirt

So I received two gorgeous hand-me-down flowy skirts.  But I don't wear skirts...  but I was thrilled to receive them!!  Why you ask?  Because I could transform them into clothes for my girls! 

I forgot to take a before pic of the light lime green skirt.  Bad me. But I have a before pic of the pink one!  I haven't decided if I will be transforming the pink one into a dress for my girls or a skirt, as well.

Here is a pic of the original pink skirt and my transformed lime green one:

And get a look at the detailed embroidered florals on it!!
But here is where my dilemma is...  which outfit should I go with...  I had so much fun coming up with accessories for the skirt!  Check these out:



So..  which one would you go with??  I think I am going to keep all the accessories so my girl can change it up so it doesn't get old or boring!

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