Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Red Fad

Can someone explain the facination with red velvet cake!?  Seriously, I never even knew what red velvet cake was till this past Valentine's. 

Since I do some fun baking with my oldest, I was trying to figure out what ingredients I would need for our baking for Valentine's.  I was reading all the rave about this awesome red cake so I figured, what the heck!  Let's try it, too!

Holy moly, red food coloring, batman!  Do you guys know how much red food coloring this cake has!?  Seriously!  Whether you buy the cake mix or do it yourself with your own bottle or two of red food coloring, it's still a heckuva lot!  Not to mention if you drip any batter, you will get a red stain.  Yuck!

So I succumbed to this red cake fad and did give it a try.  It does look cute.  Please don't kill me, but that's the last time I will ever be making them!   Personally, I thought it tasted nasty.  You could barely taste the chocolatey chocolate that it was.  Yick.  But for your viewing pleasure, here is my red velvet cupcake with ganache chocolate frosting:

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