Friday, March 19, 2010

Pick your battle

As a mom you learn pretty quickly to pick your battles.  Some are just not worth the headache and others, well, others are ones you just can't or won't back down.  Yesterday was one of each.

My oldest girl will be turning seven soon.  I have no idea where the time has gone!  I was just changing her diaper the other day.. no, wait, that would be my ten month olds.  Hmmm  well, it sure did feel like just yesterday for my oldest!!

Anyway, we were at Payless looking for sandals.  See, last year my daughter went without.  Why you ask?  Because she is so dingdang picky and we ended up walking out of five stores empty handed!  But this year, this year I was standing my ground.  I made it VERY clear that we were walking out of Payless with a pair of sandals.  I was not leaving that store empty handed.  And so, I showed her several sandals I liked.  Very cute, girly and perhaps ones that were also available for toddlers...  yah, those kinds.  The little little girl kinds.  My seven year old would have none of it.  She wanted the one with the big gemstones, the ones that had heels, the ones that made me want to cry!!   My little little girl was not so very little anymore.  She knew what she liked and I decided, grudgingly, to give in.  BUT!!  I also won a battle!  We walked out of the store with a pair of sandals!!

These were the winners:
photo from Payless website

My daughter is thrilled, I am somewhat thrilled and we both  have won a battle!

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