Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Battling the Sickies

My poor girls and poor hubby have been pretty miserable these last few days!  We've been battling the icky germs that my eldest brought home.  Lovely runny nose, snot everywhere, lowgrade fever and an annoying cough.  Gotta love it!   The eldest is almost over it, the littlest ones are still suffering from a snotty nose and cough and the poor hubby has lost his voice!  And somehow I have managed to avoid getting sick even though I am usually the one that has their shirt used as a tissue!

An order for 1 large family bubble, please!  Seriously, I hate it when the kids get sick.  No fun for anyone!

But before the lovely germs decided to visit, we had some fun times!  We went to the zoo to trick or treat.  My girl was ecstatic to be able to finally wear her costume!  Here is the back:

Whatcha think of the tail and wings?

Well, I am off to start din-din.  Gotta keep on nurs'n my family back to health!  :)

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