Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My new love... gadget love!

Have you heard of this gadget??

You have!  Isn't it AWESOME!?  Well, I've been playing with it lots since my dearest, most wonderful hubby got it for me as an early Christmas gift!!   {Isn't he the bestest??}

Ever since they came out with the new Silhouette Studio, I've been hesitant on using my good stash to cut because there were many bugs on that new software.  BUT!  There's been many updates since it first came out and I am happy to say that I am loving Silhouette Studio LOTS!  

Sadly, I haven't had the chance to try the heat transfer, etched glass and rhinestones {financial woes!}  feature, but I have been cutting vinyl and cardstock and it's SOO cool!! 

I've managed to come up with a few cute designs that I wanted to share.  Took me a while {ok, days!}  to figure out how to design and convert image files using the programs I love (PhotoShop and Illustrator)  and then convert the file so it WORKS with Silhouette Studio.  Sooo here's a few I am sharing with you -yes, you can download them!  They are Silhouette Studio files only {sorry!}.

This above is perfect for Christmas :)   Download here.

I thought this one would look so cute on a onesie!  I hope to get some heat transfer vinyl soon so I can try my  hand at it!!   Download here.

And my final flourish!  Cute, eh?  Download here.

{This post was not paid for by Silhouette America.  In fact, I rather doubt they know who I am!!  Just me loving my new gadget and wanting to share designs!  Enjoy :)}

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