Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Costume

So my daughter comes to me and says to me that she finally knows what she wants to be for Halloween!  She would like to be --wait for it-- a Fairy Princess Kitty-Cat.  

Right.  Suuurrre.  Not a problem, kid!  Do they even sell such a costume???   Mmmhmmm  Sure, they do!  Right next to the Ninja Fairy Dinosaur costume. 

Sooo I decided to tackle this one myself.  My daughter is VERY into dress-up clothes, so all previous Halloween costumes end up becoming a regular dress-up clothes after, so I never felt bad about buying her costume.  I knew she'd make great use of it.  In fact, the actual kitty costume we got her three years back is still worn to this day!  Granted, the tutu is teeny on her -she must wear pants under!! and the tail is kinda shaggy.. but it is oh so loved!  So I figured if I did come up with something, I had to make sure it would last and perhaps even be an upgrade to her itty bitty kitty costume.

So we started out with a pettiskirt that we have.  Then I found an old garage sale shirt that we got her last year.  It had a slight stain, but I could work with it and get it covered.  And then my daughter remembered she had a leopard print tights.  Granted, they are three sizes too small but she was so excited about them that I told her I'd make it work -somehow.

So off to Hobby Lobby I went to find some supplies to help me.  I got some marabou, some felt fabric that had hot pink leopard print on it and some faux fur fabric with leopard print.  I priced ribbons at Hobby Lobby and noticed that RABOM had more ribbon quanity for less money PLUS they had free shipping that weekend, so I ordered some leopard print ribbons in pink and ivory, some hot pink sheer ribbon, and brown satin ribbon.  I also added a foam headband to my cart and a plastic headband since I wasn't sure which one I'd like best to use for the ears. 

When all the supplies arrived, I got to work!  I ended up using the foam headband.  I covered it with the brown satin ribbon, using the glue gun to adhere it.  I then cut out the faux fur into triangle pieces, inserted floral wire in the ear and then glued it shut.  The floral wire helped me shape the ears.  I then attached the ears to the back of the satin covered ribbon and voila!  I also added a touch of marabou between the ears.  Sooo cute!  My daughter is in love with the ears!!!

The shirt was pretty easy, too.  I cut out the hot pink leopard felt fabric and added an itty bitty bit of hot glue around the edge of the fabric and glued it to the shirt.  I added some wax paper in between the shirt before attempting to glue the fabric on.  I was afraid I'd end up gluing the back and front of the shirt together LOL now, that wouldn't be such a good thing to have happen, eh?

I added some marabou to the cuff of the shirt and around the neck.   It looked so darling!!!   We also ended up sewing the marabou tail to the back of the shirt.  Since she wasn't wearing it tucked it, it worked well.  Plus, then we didn't have to ruin our pretty pettiskirt and it could be reused without the kitty attire.  I used embroidery floss and hand sewed the marabou to the shirt.  Really easy!

Now what's a Fairy Princess Kitty-Cat without a magic wand??  My girl had painted a wooden star wand a loong time ago.  I had her dig it up and got her permission to alter it to match her new costume.  She totally agreed!  I painted the stick portion brown and the star pink.  Then I traced the star on the hot pink leopard print fabric twice, cut the fabric and then sprayed it with my Elmer's multi-purpose spray adhesive.  I love that it allowed for repositioning it!  I got it just right after a couple of tries and it was perfect!!   Then I tied several ribbons around it, added also tulle to it and put a dab of hot glue to ensure the ribbon and tulle don't come off!  A Fairy Princess Kitty-Cat does a lot of magic and we wouldn't want that wand coming apart!!

Now to tackle the too small tights.  I cut off the feet and top portion..  I then hemmed the bottom and tops of both and voila!  I now had leopard print leggings.   Sooo cute!   So there ya have it:

Now the final touch would be the wings!  Which is not depicted in the picture, but I can assure you that her pink set of wings from LAST year's fairy costume matches perfectly and she will be wearing that along with the costume I made her :)  Sooo soooo cute!!   My girl absolutely adores her Fairy Princess Kitty-Cat costume and that is all that matters to me!!

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