Sunday, June 6, 2010

More Toppers

Been itching to design so I came up with a few more toppers.  A friend is doing a Safari themed party and had asked if I could make some matching toppers for her and I am also sharing it with you!

Please, please keep in mind that the vector images I used for the toppers were found on the web.  As far as I was able to tell, they were free to use for personal use.  Please do not use these for commercial purposes.

The photos I took are absolutely horrible!!  My wonderful Nikon is off at the shop getting repaired so until then I am stuck with a horrible old Kodak camera... quality sucks!! 

In the back you'll also notice the blue birthday topper I offered in my previous post.  I decided to print it and use my cool Friskars Squeeze-Punch to show you how it looks!  Aren't the fairies adorable?   No?  Well, it's probably the poor quality photo.  They really do look awful cute in person!

and of course the Safari toppers!  I've got the following cute animals:  bear, deer, elephant, giraffe, monkey, panda, tiger and zebra. 

You can download them here.

red fairy toppers
purple fairy toppers
yellow fairy toppers
safari toppers



  1. These are so cute!

    Oh, and you won my weekly Mod Podge giveaway - Please come to my page and send me an e-mail with your addy to claim your prize!!!

  2. Such cute toppers!

    Thanks for entering the fabric giveaway over at our blog!

    Good luck!
    Shelley Smith