Saturday, May 15, 2010

Garage Sales

Oh, how I love thee!   I love garage sales!

So we went to a town nearby that was having a pretty awesome garage sales.  Scored some neat stuff!  Lotsa miscellaneous fabrics, some beads, gems, neat looking accent, a pillow I am gonna redo (that was free!), hubby got a free monitor and keyboard, tons of clothes for the girls and --a GORGEOUS desk with hutch!  Wait till you hear how much I paid for that ---twenty buckeroos!   Yes, ladies and gents, just twenty bucks!   And it is really really nice. 

I plan on painting it, though, so it matches my oldest girls bedroom.  Not entirely sure on color yet.  I have a mighty large collection of furniture in our garage that needs a fresh coat of paint.  I've got a dresser, a desk/hutch, a curio and a lovely side table for the living room...   I have got to get my butt into gear and start sanding and painting!

If I don't get those pieces done, I won't be able to go to anymore garage sales...  painting here I come!

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