Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lamp Transformation & Details

I've been doing tons of reading on other blogs about how one can transform SO much for SO little!  I love thrifty DIY projects, however, it still usually involves some $$ and so I haven't really done a lot of DIY stuff. 

However, this lamp transformation only cost me $3.48!  Mostly because the lamp was a hand-me-down (read: free!) and the paint I already had from eons ago and no clue how much that cost me at the time and so the only thing I bought was plain white fabric that was on sale at WalMart. 

Now, bear in mind that this is my first attempt at redoing a lampshade so it isn't perfect!  I now know I need to pull the material around the lampshade tighter so it looks better and I learned some other stuff along the way.  When MIL saw the transformed lamp, she asked if I would do one for her, so that made me feel good! 

The lamp I transformed was for the bathroom.  Go ahead and laugh...  why do you need a lamp in the bathroom, you ask?  No, it's not for hubby to read his magazines there...  lol  it's because I wanted some softer light in there when I am relaxing in the tub! 

So here is the before pic of the lamp:

and here is a closeup..  it's actually not a bad looking lamp.  Just didn't work with what I have going on in the bathroom:

and here's the paint I used:

I absolutely LOVE LOVE the Folkart Metallic Pearl White color!  I started out with the Americana Buttermilk color.  I need about 2.5 coats to truly cover the whole base of the lamp.  Once I had it covered completely, I noticed it was way too yellow-ee.  Sooo that is where my lovely gorgeous Metallic Pearl White paint came in.  I did maybe a coat and a half... it really didn't need much and it left it with such a gorgeous opulent pearly color.  It reminded me a lot of the paint Kate used.  Here is a closeup of what it looked like:

I liked that it wasn't totally white.. it had a creamy look to it.  Which, of course, now leads me to believe that I can do this with a pink base under for a project for my daughter or any other color for that matter!  It's just got such a cool look to it!!

So here is the whole lamp:

Whatcha think??  I sewed the ruffle trim piece...  it isn't 'perfect' but I like that it looks frayed a bit and love the imperfections. 

Here's a side-by-side before and after photo:

And since I am talking about the bathroom...  here are a few more details I added to the bathroom.  You can see the big transformation/redo here.

The top and bottom of the cabinet didn't come out as smooth as I'd liked, so easy peasy solution.  I added a velvet buttercream trim to it.  Used my trusty'ol glue gun and voila:

I've actually had someone ask me what paint color it was..  yah, I am still shaking my head in amazement over that one, but hey, if they think I painted a straight line like that, yay for me! lol

I had some leftover velvet trim so I added it around the vase:

Those cute card that I cut out and laminated are from livinglocurto.  It really does help my girl remember what all to do in the morning!

I think that is all I have for now!  I am liking how my bathroom is coming together..  I still have a few more small projects/details I'd like to add to the room.  Bit by bit, as money and time allows.  :)

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